Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ashford Estate Mansion - Weddings of Distinction - Rose Petals and Lace

Elegant, timeless, classic luxurious wedding at Weddings of Distinction - Ashford Estate Mansion by Rose Petals and Lace was published in the new issue of NJ Bride. Our beautiful bride Elise had visions of an elegant, all white wedding with a dreamy ceremony setting. Ashford Estate was the perfect setting, in their beautiful rustic chapel.  
RPL designed a romantic wooden ceremony arbor for Elise and Sharif to take their vows.White hydrangeas and roses served as luxurious tie backs on the graceful white chiffon. Rose petals lined the aisle along with white hydrangeas and white dendrobium orchids, so romantic!
The aisel is lined with Rose petals and white hydrangea with white dendrobium orchids.
 Hanging crystal chains and beaded hanging votives added elegant detail to the wedding arbor.

Vendella roses, ocean song roses, crystals and touches of feathers made up this beautiful bouquet wrapped with luxuious rhinestone band.
            Sweet, romantic picture of Elise with her bouquet and Sharif at Ashford Estate.
                         The bridemaids carried beautiful Ocean song lavendar roses.

The centerpieces of white hydranegeas, white dendrobium orchids and snapdragons accented with crystal chains made the Ashford-Estates ballroom luxurious!

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