Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year Inspiration

Inspiration blogs like RPL's favorite and feature inspiration boards:
pretty collages with beautiful color combos.

BUT what really inspires a bride? With Valentine's Day just 1 month away-the first thing that comes to mind is PASSION. Passion comes from within-not from a color chart.

Where do you find things that inspire you? Look around in everyday life; take cues from nature. A pristine snow fall with hanging icicles makes a magical winter wonderland for the winter bride. On cold days, a bouquet of bright tulips brightens the day telling us spring is around the corner. Other ideas -Visit museums, browse an art history book.

Nothing inspires like seeing all the beautiful art I studied up close and personal on a recent trip to Italy, there are no words to describe Florence, Capri, Roma - all are magnificent, romantic and captivating!

And then... we went to Venice. AAAHHHH Venice, just being there is the ultimate in romance. Weddings were at every turn, we saw 8 different brides as we walked through St. Mark's Square and down the canals.

Brides with bouquets, brides with their bridal party following close behind. All had such joyous, happy energy around them. What a treat!

So now I am truly inspired for the New Year! Where are those color charts?

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