Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carrie Underwood's Wedding

Carrie Underwood’s wedding was nothing short of very elegant yet girlie with pink roses, hanging ribbons and crystals from the ceiling, flower balls and sparkles. So many of the elements reminded us of RPL weddings we have done.

Carrie's ceremony was held under a birch tree arbor with a beautiful rose ball. Rose ball pomander's hung from Sheppards hooks lining the aisle.
Here is a birch tree (hand made by Jill of RPL) adorned with Anna roses for a ceremony by Rose Petals and Lace at the Palace in Somerset.
(Thank you Jenifer Rutherford for the pictures)

Containers of white hydrangeas were used as the base with an aisle runner of rose petals starting with white and changing to all pink.

Hanging pomander balls lined the aisle at Carrie's wedding as RPL did here using free standing sheppard's hook at a wedding at Park Savoy.

In the ballroom, Carrie had crystals and flowers with ribbons hanging from the ceiling.

Hanging satin ribbons with roses hung from the chandelier at this RPL wedding at the Liberty House.

Along the sides of the ceiling, RPL hung panels of pink crystals.
Carrie’s centerpieces were Manzanita branches with hanging crystals and flowers at the base.
RPL has done Manzanita with many looks including this one at the Bridgewater Manor with hanging flower balls and hanging crystals.

RPL would have suggested a few other bouquets – here are just a few recent bouquets for our brides!
Roses in vendella and Anna accented with gardenias.

Or this beauty, pink peonies, white peonies with pink cymbidium orchids and white dendrobium orchid chains- just gorgeous. (our bride Jessica at Season's).

You don't have to be Carrie Underwood to have an unforgettable wedding, you just have to have the right floral designer! Rose Petals and Lace is THE premier floral designer in the tri-state area. We look forward to meeting you!
Congratulations to Carrie & Mike!
This week-what will Chelsea do in the quaint town of Rhinebeck?