Thursday, January 12, 2012

On A Clear Day - Broadway, Harry Connick & RPL!!

RPL goes to Broadway!

RPL was invited to design a floral arrangement for the new  Broadway show - 
On a Clear Day starring Harry Connick, Jr.


Harry Connick, Jr. will leave you swooning.

Jesse Mueller is spunky, funny and a jolt of electricity!”

Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press


–David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter
A whimsical arrangement capturing the fun, magic and drama of Broadway.
A gold pedestal, mercury vase filled with Ocean Song and Vendella roses, burgundy cymbidium orchids, purple dendrobium orchids, purple lisianthus, white astilbe, and white hydrangeas, accented with peacock feathers and a brass horn. In the center sits our main character, a gold bird with luxurious black feathers!
RPL also got to see a fabulous sneak peak preview at the St. James Theatre! Fun and entertaining, Jesse Mueller steals the show with her electrifying voice and Harry's version of "on a Clear Day"-just MAGIC!

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