Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jerseylicious or Jersey Shore? Jersey Wedding Style is so much more!

Jersey Weddings are classy, chic, elegant or casual, modern or traditional, fun and flirty, vintage or sophisticated. The tri-state area has every style venue and vendors a bride could possibly dream of!

RPL loves to help potential clients in the design process. A good place to start is tell you how the process of wedding flowers and special events design works when you call Rose Petals and Lace. The first thing newly engaged couples should do (after celebrating with family and friends of course!) is to choose a time of year that would suit the two of you and your families. You should visit your church or synagogue to see if there are any times or requirements that may need to be met. If you plan to have your ceremony at the venue then you can just dive right in to the amazing selections of venues the tri-state has to offer.
There are hundreds of venues; traditional Manors in North Jersey, hot chic Hotels in New Brunswick- central jersey, Shore-chic venues down the shore, amazing Spaces like the Liberty House with breathtaking views of Manhattan, the rustic Stone House, romantic Bed and Breakfast venues- so many to choose from. Pick the style you love and visit these venues. ( More to come on venues.)

Next, dress shopping! What bride doesn’t love her own fashion show of dream wedding gowns? Again many different style shops are all around. Follow your heart as you pick the style dress you love! After you find “the one” think about your maids dresses. What colors do you love, are you looking for a spring feel, warm fall colors, blue as the sea, or formal black and white?

All these things affect the flower choices and d├ęcor! It is very helpful to have these things in place before trying to select flowers to complement your dress and venue. Of course if you can't wait to see all the gorgeous things RPL has to offer, contact us and we will be happy to sit with you and discuss your flower choices!